Christian Rupp
Life Performance Mentor

The path to your heart's calling

You are successful in life. You have experienced and achieved a lot. Nevertheless, questions go through your head like:

- Is that supposed to be it now?
- Can I ever live my dreams?
- Throw everything away? ... but what do the others say?
- Re-orientation in the middle of life? ... how so?

Listen to those inner questions! Do you want to keep complaining for years, cultivating frustration or burning out? Don't wait for an unfortunate life event to take responsibility away from you. I offer you a new, holistic and guided orientation process. Together with me you will learn to trustfully walk the path into your heart's calling. An extended sparring partner offer is available for VIP/leaders.
Due to COVID-19, I have given the lecture a different direction in order to focus on the way out of the crisis. In over 25 years of leading people and overcoming crises, only a few strategies have proven to be really successful. In the short lecture I show you this way with the three important steps. This approach will help you to put your life on a new foundation, to get more momentum and to go into your happy future without fear of the future. Do you want that?
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