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Live streaming

LiveCaster uses different streaming technologies depending on where you want to stream to. Facebook Live and YouTube Live still use the common RTSP protocol, which requires a delay of at least 30, typically 45 seconds. LiveCaster uses different protocols, specifically to minimize delays (Low Latency or Ultra Low Latency). Thus, there is no noticeable delay between studio guests connected to Online, whether on a (virtual) monitor or virtually in the studio. This allows for completely natural conversations. In streaming technologies...

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LiveCaster Video Studio

LiveCaster.TV's video studio is located in Trechtingshausen near Mainz, accessible via Frankfurt Airport (pick-up service on request). The studio allows full-body recordings in green screen, where the green background can be provided with images or videos of choice. It is also a good starting point to perform in high quality in the virtual studio, for example to go live on air. See more at TV Studio Production Livecaster Video Services KGMainzer Str. 78D-55413 Trechtingshausen

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Video editing

State-of-the-art video post-production at LiveCaster.TV, such as: Optimal look through color shaping and enhancement (color grading)Sharp, clear images through high resolution (4k), noise removal, image sharpening and high dynamic range(HDR10, HDR12)Better look through high magnification (scaling) and enhancement of supplied video footageClear, intelligible sound through sound editing (e.g..E.g. echo reduction, D-esser, de-clic, noise removal, etc.)A well-rounded result through multi-layer montage, with title, image punching, background removal, as well as...

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Virtual studio

LiveCaster.TV provides a virtual studio to produce video contributions and Online broadcasts. The protagonists, for example presenters and guests, are not physically present in the studio, but can be virtually transferred to the studio from their home office.More here: Online video studio production

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