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Video Studio 2D

All-you-can video in the all-round carefree studio

Your advantages in a fully equipped studio

Green screen studio production

Why it could be worthwhile for you here

Your most important advantages at a glance

Wild card green screen

Here in the studio you will find optimal lighting and acoustics - and of course a green background. This can be replaced by images or videos, a real joker that offers limitless design options. In addition, you do not have to set up anything, set anything, you can get started right away.

Your advantage: Studio productivity is much higher. An entire online video course can be created in two days, which will generate ongoing income for you.

virtual spaces

They act in front of the green screen, but appear to the viewers in the virtual studio. And all this in real time, live, without post-processing. In the virtual studio, you can use the didactic options to integrate or play back images, videos or simulations. Isn't that much better than a webinar or slide presentation?

Your advantage: An impressive program or an excellently didactically structured online video course create new unique selling points for you.

Teleprompter and other benefits

You won't believe how easy everything becomes when your text appears on a teleprompter operated by us. Multiple synchronous teleprompters in space allow you to move freely while still staying in the concept. And that for hours. We will also import media and connect guests for you.

Your advantage: You concentrate on your core competence and are not distracted with secondary activities. You can stay in focus for hours with the teleprompter view of your concept invisible to the viewer. This results in unprecedented productivity and optimal use of your time.

The post production finish

After the recording has been completed, processing, uploading, provision and other work steps take place. For example, the many little things involved in creating online courses. We can take care of all that for you.

Your advantage: You save time and effort by being able to concentrate more on your core business.

Your benefits summarized

  • green screen
    Changed background in no time

    The green screen is a placeholder for any image or background video. This makes it possible to create varied and concise recordings with little effort.

  • teleprompter
    No more fear of forgetting the text

    No more snags, but a fluent presentation through the use of a teleprompter. You look straight into the camera and see a reflected text. It gives the impression that your attention is entirely on the viewer.

  • High definition cameras
    Recording in 6K and high dynamic range (HDR)

    It's not just about image quality, it's about flexibility. Our 6K camera greatly simplifies the production process. A corresponding article will shortly show why this is the case.

  • Invisible microphone
    No more distraction from flashy accessories

    A microphone visible in the picture used to be an indication of professionalism. Today it distracts viewers and reduces the impression of naturalness. That's why we place the radio microphones out of sight.

  • be undisturbed
    You are also welcome to record completely independently

    If you feel pressured to have a production crew looking at your lips while you concentrate on your performance, then here's the solution: you can use the studio without being disturbed, remotely start and stop the recording yourself.

Additional bookable added value

  • Video optimization (image and/or sound)
    More sharpness, better look, better sound

    We would also be happy to edit your delivered video. The image impression can often be greatly improved. If you wish, we can also upscale your HD video to 4K, whereby details are sharpened by artificial intelligence. Other options include color grading and tone enhancement.

  • subtitle
    So that your message is understood even if the audio cannot be played

    Subtitling in German, proofread

  • Languages
    Open up additional markets
  • UHD 4K: 3840×2160 pixels
    more sharpness and resolution on modern televisions

    With four times the image resolution (UHD/4K: 3840×2160, instead of HD/2K: 1920×1080), you get more sharpness for displays with a higher resolution. This applies both to videos from our studio (we produce in 6K) and to delivered HD videos that we can extrapolate.

  • High Dynamic Video (HDR10)
    More brilliance and color dynamics on modern displays

    With four times the color and brightness resolution, we realize your video according to the ITU recommendation BT.2020 with ten instead of eight bit pixel resolution. This only applies to videos from our studio, as we can already record there with 12 bits.

  • remove background
    Also possible without green screen

    In post-processing, we remove the background from incoming footage, or footage taken outdoors without a green screen. 
    This opens up additional possibilities, for example exchanging the background or appearing as a hologram in the virtual studio.

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How to find us

From Frankfurt:
A3/A61 towards Koblenz, exit Bingen Mitte. There on the A9 approx. 9 km in the direction of St. Goar.

From Cologne/Bonn:
A66/A61 in the direction of Koblenz, then continue on the A61 to the Bingen Mitte exit. There on the A9 approx. 9 km in the direction of St. Goar.

  • address

    LiveCaster Video Services KG
    Mainz street 78

    55413 Trechtingshausen (Bingen/Mainz)