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New opportunities and possibilities for your marketing

Premium video services for premium product and content providers

Visibility through your own TV show in the Virtual Studio

Not always talking heads in video

More impression and vividness
for your video

  • They present themselves in impressive surroundings

  • Your message, your information, your concern are optimally supported and presented

  • Spectators and potential customers are more attracted and drawn in

  • The big stage enhances your appearance and effect immensely

  • Didactically and effectively you play in a new league

It could look like this

Example video 2D virtuality
here with subtitles and and clickable links (from minute 21)

Example video 3D virtuality
with virtual audience and screen


Your unique opportunities

Space for your message

You stand in front of the video camera, we mount your video image in the virtual studio. A moving camera sets the scene for you.

Our studio ensures that you always remain facing the camera and that the impression is created that you are really in the room, which, however, only exists virtually.

Video or images presented

You can present your content on the studio monitor. When we record live, you can control the presentation yourself via a web interface. We also take over the control for you.

All this is already included in the taster package.

Your branding in the studio

Would you like a little more? Depending on the package, you will receive branding, where your brand, logo and designed brochures will be put into the picture.

Appropriate areas are provided for this purpose.

Your individual studio

Or you can go one step further and have the room customized to your needs. A table here, another monitor wall there, more displays.

All this is included in the VIP package and can be used again and again, even if you choose the cheapest offer in a row.

Possible applications

  • Introduction video

  • Product video

  • Announcement

  • Landing page video

  • Image video for the website

  • Trailer as opening credits for your video series

  • etc.

What customers say

Frank O. Reiss, Organizer

Frederik Beyer, Speaker, Trainer and Coach

"The collaboration is amazing: professional, results-oriented and a lot of fun! They provide the unique solutions for speakers, coaches and trainers who want to dramatically increase their impact on the market. I highly recommend them."
Dr. Renée Moore Seiwert, "Germany's leading motivation expert".

"Best thanks to Studio LiveCaster, which has accompanied me over the past years. I am perfectly satisfied with it. I can only recommend it."
Peter Buchenau, Editor

"That's what I call fast, up-to-date press marketing that I can work with. I can only recommend it to you. An absolutely awesome story!
Bernhard Eckert, Journalist

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