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More attention, more impact, more success

"Breaking the ordinary!"

  • Step out of the shadows without bending.

  • Present the message, product or service in a distinctive and irresistible way.

  • More sales and conversion through directing and dramaturgy.

  • Show and prove instead of asserting and persuading.

  • Gain a real advantage and added value by using the latest technologies.

Marketing is becoming more and more difficult, if only because of the abundance of similar offers. It is therefore increasingly important to stand out, to effectively present your uniqueness and special benefits to your customers.

Structure and dramaturgy are decisive factors for success. That's why you should create your most important videos in professional collaboration. This is reflected in greater success, for example in the form of a higher conversion.

Effective photos are created as a matter of course by the photographer. Video production is even more difficult than photography because time is an additional dimension and requires a process, a dramaturgy. Therefore, you should definitely get competent support here.

Until recently, video production was still very expensive. Thanks to new technologies and processes, we can offer you an impressive video for the price of a photo session.

Tailored to you:

Which package is right for you and enables optimal success?

Every situation is different and requires a different appearance in the video. In the preliminary discussion, we clarify where you want to go and how a video can optimally support you.

You have three packages to choose from, all of which have one thing in common: they are extremely flexible and are specially tailored to you, your product, your service or your message.

And best of all: All packages can also be used conveniently from the home office, thanks to a new type of technology.

The "competence video" package already takes the viewer on an exciting journey and gets to the heart of the matter. It is the cheapest entry, already in the three-digit range.

The "Expert Video in the Virtual TV Studio" package shows your expertise in an impressive way. No claims and self-adulation, but effective tips from you as an expert.

The VIP package "TV_Program in the Virtual Studio" provides even more. Your own show as captivating infotainment with conversion. A unique position and an incomparable lead in the market.

Package 1: Expertise and effectiveness in a nutshell

Your competence video as an impact enhancer

  • Your video appearance, staged crisply and concisely

  • With the right backgrounds and effects

  • Conveniently recorded from the home office or in our studio

Examples for package 1:

Package 2: proof of competence

Your interview in the virtual TV studio

  • You are introduced to viewers as an expert

  • The viewers are effectively and entertainingly informed

  • The interview gives you credibility and impact

Through the moderation, you will succeed in an effective and credible introduction as an expert on your topic. You don't have to claim anything, you will be introduced.

This form of video presentation is more interesting and entertaining than a video where you just talk to the camera. This gives you more impact.

Form and content convey a high level of competence that supports your intention.

Examples for package 2:

Who moderates your expert interview?

Who can moderate you? Managing director Eva-Maria Fenkart, visionary Peter Simon Fenkart, or a person of your choice that you organize?

Eva Maria Fenkart

Peter Simon Fenkart

You organize the moderator

Package 3: Maximum relevance and impact

Your own TV show in the virtual studio

  • You host your own TV show

  • You invite guests and thus create an optimal environment for opinion leadership

  • You create your own brand and incomparable relevance in your sphere of activity

Examples for package 3:

In all three packages together:

  • Step 1:

    You will receive a small guide on how to use simple means, such as a webcam or a smartphone and the supplied headset, to create good image and sound recordings, so that later we can share them together optimal starting material is produced.

    The VIP package includes additional preparation steps.

    In the next step we will take the pictures together.

  • Step 2:
    We record in full picture and sound quality

    We record your video together and during an online session. For this you need a webcam on the PC or a smartphone. In both cases we use a special application to full picture and sound quality your camera and microphone.

    The moderation, if you have organized it yourself, dials in at the agreed time and is also recorded.

    This means that the quality is much better than when recording via teleconference systems or online meetings.

  • Step 3:
    We edit the recording at the editing table

    We edit the recorded material, condense it in the editing and cut out the slips of the tongue. When recording, just say, “One more time! and repeat the last sentence.

    This is how the recording is made completely stress free.

  • Step 4:
    Further steps, depending on the booked package

    In the standard package, the views switch between moderator and expert. In the other packages, the processing is done with more effort (see below).

  • Step 5:

    You will receive your finished video via download

Additionally in the premium package:

  • Step 4.1:

    The recording of your expert video will be edited and the background will be removed. This allows the body to be freely positioned in space (green=replacement color):

  • Step 4.2:
    Additional recordings with moderation

    The recording with the moderation, if it is done by us, is made in the virtual studio.

  • Step 4.3:
    Recording in 3D studio

    We use the recorded material in the 3D studio, where it is assembled into a complete broadcast.

Additionally in the VIP package

  • Step 1.1:
    concept creation

    In an additional step, we create the dramaturgy of your performance together. We are supported by an experienced dramaturge and director.

    This allows you to achieve maximum effect and maximum benefit.

  • Step 4.4:
    Flexible backgrounds

    You get flexible image backgrounds that match the content. Choose from a collection or send us the pictures.

  • Step 4.5:
    We customize the virtual studio

    Choose the location of the interview that we will insert from a range of alternatives.

Practical example (premium package):

The recording of your interview

In an online connection, we work out questions and answers and record images and sound, depending on what your equipment allows. You speak in front of a background that is as neutral as possible, which we will remove later.

This takes less than an hour. Then you're done and we'll do the rest.

The background is removed

We'll remove the background to later replace it with more interesting and insightful content.

The green color marks the area in which the new background will later appear (virtual green screen).

A new background is used

We mount a new, more interesting background (image or video) to improve the effect.

Did you notice that on this occasion we improved the color, exposure and sharpness (compared to the image above)?

Recording in the virtual studio

Your video image then appears in the virtual studio as a screen that floats freely in space. The texts of the moderation are spoken appropriately and everything is recorded.

Your video is now complete.

The finished video

After completion, you will receive your video as a download, as it was done in this example.

Details are always specific. For example, the changing backgrounds fit very well here, in other cases it is better to have a still image or a background video. We clarify these details during the interview.

standard package

Premium package

VIP package

Still uncertain?

Let us advise you and find out what suits you and what will take you further.