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More interaction and impact for your events

Space for your ideas

Your ideas need space. Vastness and generosity are important, especially in the current era of confinement and isolation. And there is enough space for that. Space that can be designed according to your ideas.

Ask us.

Individual branding

Existing spaces can be branded very easily by adding banners, logos, boards and picture screens.

So the event becomes all yours.

Guests connected

Get your guests involved without much effort, in this example as an overlay on a virtual screen. Your guest only needs a cell phone or a PC/notebook with camera and microphone.

They design the show.

Protagonists virtually embedded

Special guests, your presenters or yourself can also appear directly in the virtual room. Our technology makes it possible. Both people in the picture on the right are in different locations and are faded in live. 

This makes your event look very natural and makes it easier for participants and spectators to interact.

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