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Lisa Morgenbrodt

Lisa was also a presenter at the first Online event, "The New Generation Coaches," a few weeks ago.

Moderation is her hobbyhorse, but her main interest lies elsewhere:
As a coach for intuition and empowerment, she accompanies other people on exactly this journey and supports them in their inner work.

"...because I firmly believe that this path inward is the only path that leads sustainably to more success, ease, joy of life and ultimate freedom also on the outside. For each of us this path is highly individual and everyone is allowed to walk it in their own unique way - including you.

Each of us has very personal "shoulds" and "musts" that keep us from living our lives completely as we want. What are yours?"

This deep inner feeling that there is so much more to you than you think. That there is a whole other life out there waiting for you somewhere, one in which you can live out your potential to 100% and in harmony with your heart.
As a coach for intuition and empowerment, I support you in creating exactly this life for yourself - NOW and not in a few years when you have done this training or resolved that issue for yourself.
All the people I accompany benefit not only from my various coaching trainings with Bahar Yilmaz, Jeffrey Kastenmüller and Angelika Gulder, among others. Through my work with influential and inspiring people from the personal development industry such as Tobias Beck and Dr. Mareike Awe, I was able to gather profound experiences that I now intuitively incorporate into my work.

Lisa Morgenbrodt
Instagram: @lisamorgenbrodt