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How a major online speaker event became a success

During the Corona crisis, major events are canceled. This experience report shows how it still works - online.

The trainers of the new generation

For the past seven years, Frank O. Reiss has organized a major speaker event that takes place twice a year in Frankfurt, in the spring and in the fall. This spring, "The New Generation Trainers" was to be cancelled for the first time, by regulatory order due to the Corona crisis.
For many people, this is a welcome opportunity to get new ideas and impulses for their own success in life. People have met there, on the threshold of independence, who want to make more of their lives, grow personally and mature.
All this should be canceled this year without replacement?

Cancellation threatens

With a heavy heart, Frank O. Reiss sat down with Livecaster in contact to announce the cancellation. Livecaster was booked to put the event live on the Internet first, then as a recording. The plan was to use four cameras and a live image mixer, as well as a mobile broadband connection for the Online part. In this conversation, by actually talking about the cancellation, suggested Livecaster the use of virtual studio technology. The presenters should be set virtual space. The same could be done with the speakers. Frank O. Reiss began to hope again.

The rescue

Due to the tight time frame, the organizer decided to virtualize only the presenters. The speakers were to deliver video contributions and be available live in the chat. The presenters delivered their introductions and introductions as a video via cell phone, in front of a neutral background. This was then displayed on Livecaster automatically freed from the background and then placed, perspective correct, in the virtual studio. All this within the record time of 10 days.

A complete success

Thus, the event could start on Saturday, April 25, 2020, live on the Internet, with the active participation of many helpers, numerous participants and all speakers. On the evening of April 26, after the second day of the event, it was clear: participants and organizers were thrilled. Organizer Frank O. Reiss: "The Online event was a mega success. We had over 30,000 interactions with participants."

The success shows that interesting and entertaining events are also possible, with the use of appropriate technology. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it was possible not only to keep the participants on two consecutive days and for many hours, but also to communicate with them intensively. 

Missed? The second chance

Those who missed all or parts of the event can catch up. The recording of most of the contributions, as well as information on speakers, moderators and organizers are available here at LiveCaster.TV retrievable. And completely free of charge.

Here are the contributions (information about the contributors is on the respective page:

Would you also like to host a Online event. Here is more information about it:

Are you interested in the live event on October 24 and 25 in Frankfurt? Here is more information about it and the possibility to register:

Coming soon

"The trainers of the new generation" will soon also be available as a broadcast, here at LiveCaster.TV
More on this shortly.